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Nightmare Turned Into An Awesome(?) Idea Regarding Stalker Event And Archwings


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GLORIOUS TL;DR Stalker gets his own Liset, you fight him in outer space using Archwing and/or actual Lisets with weaponry. This could be a one-time event or fill up the 4th quest slot. Below is the entire story in almost-graphic details.



So, I just had a terribl(y awesom)e nightmare - and I will write every little detail of it. So let me begin.


I just log in normally, stand up from my ship. Ordis informs me that a message is waiting for me in the inbox - I check it out, and see that Stalker says:

"I'm tired of playing hide and seek. Your time has come." I think "What does that mean?"

When suddenly Ordis shouts:

"Operator! There's another Liset approaching! Wait...This one's different."


I am prompted to move to the front of my Liset, to see a horrible view - a Liset is coming near me, just like Liset said, but something isn't right. It's really dark, and...it's coming straight at me! I suddenly get a transmission from a dark, mysterious digure:

"You reckoning has come!"

It crashes into my Liset while at full speed and shatters the glass - Ordis quickly unlocks the Arsenal so I could grab my weapons just before getting sucked out into the space. The rogue Liset looks like it hasn't even been scratched - and it's already turning around, to what it seems like, go for a second round! I hear Ordis barely say:

"Operator...shall I...deploy the Archwings?" (... are crackles, like interference)

I can see the device shoot out of my badly-damaged Liset and I can feel it attach to my back. The shadowy figure transmissions me again:

"Your judgement has come!"

My only though at the moment is: LET'S ROLL! The thrusters engage and my railgun (that's the best I can describe it) powers up as I loop around my Liset, searching for the rogue one, but it seems gone, when out of nowhere shots start coming at me from the never-ending space. I look in closer, and my heart stops beating for a second - it's the Stalker! He transmissions me for the last time:


I instantly turn around and redirect all of my power to my engines as I speed away from the hunter.

"I'm not ready for him!" I think as I constantly check my radar, but it's empty.

Suddenly, he appears straight in front of me and aims in, but I start rolling - just a second later, and my head would've been splattered by the discharge of his beam. I power up my railgun and prepare to fight, knowing my chances are as low as they can get. We both keep circling each other as I dodge his shots and hit mine, but he does not seem to care. It feels that I'm tickling him. Just when I see that this is pointless and I begin to try and make a dash to my Liset, Ordis suddenly shouts:

"Operator, get in! Quick!"

I quickly fire off a volley of railgun blasts to give myself a second to breathe and I jump into my chamber and enter the Liset - somehow, the Ordis managed to fix up the window, though it doesn't seem it's fixed for long. I see Stalker dashing into his own Liset as Ordis says:
"Operator, shall we power up our weapons and take the fight to the hunter or attempt to use the Slip-Space for escape?"

I get a choice here. I chose the escape - fighting seems impossible, given the condition my Liset is in and how strong the Stalker's one is. We jump almost instantly - it seems we've made it. I sit down to think about all this for a second, but we arrive at our jump destination with a suprize - HE is already waiting for us! Ordis doesn't say anything anymore, because we both understand - we can't run away. It's kill or be killed. Ordis powers up the weapons and I get prompted: Do I let the Ordis control the ship, fire the guns or monitor Liset's durability? I choose that he watches my back(shielding) while I sit down and take full control of the guns and maneuvering.
"One on one, b*tch." I think as I unleash barrage after barrage while speeding around with the hunter right on my tail, badly damaging me. Ordis keeps reporting me of the shield capacity and hull's integrity - both are coming down horrifyingly quickly. I see that this is of no use - the hunter is superior to me, so I make a desperate move - I turn around, power down my shields and engines, and put that massive amount of energy into my entire weaponry arsenal - It's not or never. I close my eyes as we both shoot each other at the same time, and I hear explosions and Ordis saying something I can't understand due to interference, probably coming from the hunter's Liset.


I wake up, what looks like - moments later, but Ordis tells me something different and unexpected:

"OPERATOR! YOU'RE ALIVE! Thank the Lotus, you did it! You managed to win the stand-off! You didn't destroy that ship as I saw it jump away, but it was sure a pile of scrap!"

I get up and look around - my entire ship is trashed and I'm floating in the void. I navigate the ship to my dojo to get some much-needed repairs as I let out a reliefing sigh.


I know the Hunter is alive. He will come for another round. But next time, I will be ready.




NOW. I understand that EVERYBODY hates walls of text, but there's nothing I can do. I can't create a movie - I don't have enough money, but whatever. I do realize this would require a MASSIVE amount of time to make - interactions with Ordis, these cutscene-like places, the fights and whatnot, also - weaponry on the Liset, controlling the ship overall, also - repairing your ship in the dojo.

  This is another idea - being able to upgrade your Liset in your dojo. It would require TONS of materials to make it accesible not to everyone - but it would be worthwile. I though, those upgrades could be adding weapons to your Liset, increasing shields/hull capacity/engine power, maybe energy storage. But if all of this was implemented - we would need more than just Stalker to make it worth getting all this expensive stuff. Soooo, I'm pretty sure you all read the message from the mysterious dude who gave us the Cryotic Front event. Did you notice how he said "I'm concerned about the coming BALOR FOMORIANS." What if they had something like stealth detectors to detect Tenno ships? Then it could become an invasion - like mission where instead of fighting WITH Corpus/Grineer against Corpus/Grineer/Infested you fight against Grineer Balot Fomorians which act like carriers - they send out these small troop-transport-like ships (I'm sure you all saw those in some of Grineer Ship tileset missions or flying by the Grineer Gallions while you're orbiting a Grineer-controlled planet.

  So, multiple Tenno Lisets would have to fight through the Grineer fighters (I call them that) to break through their blockade into the actual Fomorian to overload it's core and then protect it until it powers off, but then you have to survive untill your Lisets come to pick you up. So it's a Space invasion>Sabotage>Defense>Survival, but an Exterm could be mixed somewhere in there too. That would be 5 missions - just like in invasions, do 5 missions to get the reward, except these 5 missions are in 1 - yes, you would do ALL OF THESE IN A SINGLE RUN - JUST LIKE CRYOTIC FRONT. But you have to agree - it would make sense - why would you sabotage the core and then extract, then come back in to protect it and so on with other ones.


If you guys think at least SOME of these ideas are worth checking out for DE, I might send these to DE via their email. 


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Eh....we get you had a dream but in all honesty walls of text are not the way to get your dream out their, why couldn't you just put some spaces so it wont kill peoples eyes? Moving on despite me hating walls of text I thought I would give it a shot and read it myself and....honestly I'm very lost and interested at the same time.


I think you talked about giving the stalker a ship of his own and him coming after us and such witch sounds great in concept but only for a "One time Stalker Vs Tenno" kind of thing, its not something that can be done over and over again without it being completely off the rails of Warframe. But the ideas are interesting since I personally wish the stalker would be updated seeing as of how old he is.


Still if your going too bring forth ideas and actually want people too listen too them: 1. Do not put up walls of text, and 2. Stop caps locking everything....no one will ever take anything you say seriously. Sadly I find this more of a joke then an actual idea.

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Wait a minute. You guys remember the quests on the Codex? We can access/complete 3, but there used to be a 4th slot with was now removed. This could actually introduce new players to the Stalker AND if it was JUST a one-time quest, there would be no need to implement such encounters it into the actual game. And I mean, fighting Stalker without OP gear is really hard on ground. So why not...in space? This ALSO could let the Tenno understand the potential of the Archwing (if it's not going to end up being a TOTAL failure). With this ^ it's actually a lot better lol.


Though I have a feeling that the 4th quest and that Excalibur transmission (if it was a bug or something DE didn't want it would be removed, so DE has plans for it). WAIT A MINUTE AGAIN. Stalker is a rogue Tenno, who's armor is supposedly similar to,..EXCALIBURS! Quadriple win : 4th quest fill-up, Stalker introduction, bug-made-usefull AND awesome introduction to Archwing possibilities!

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Well, the Liset isn't exactly a combat pod, so I would assume that there wouldn't be guns on it. The bigger ship that it can attach to, however, maybe that will have guns?

Liset is Orokin tech - and Orokin have achieved wonders, from cryopods to permanently mind controlling soldiers (Void missions) and even the Lisets. You'd think that if Orokin could do such things, they would've also installed some weaponry on your Liset, but maybe hidden it? Another discussion-worthy topic.

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....Someone somewhere in DE i guarantee you is rubbing his hands and saying... "We're gonna delay update 15 a bit..."


And somewhere Rebecca is doing her best Gendo Pose. 

They better i need to rank up my wepeons DE isnt giving us enough time to lvl our wepeons D: BAM NEW WARFRAME MIRAGE BAM SILVA AND AEGIS BAM AKZINI BAM DOGS BAM GLAXION BAM NUKOR BAM LATRON WRAITH BAM KRONEN waves of content waves of content...

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