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Akimbo Flashlights


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Whenever I play an Earth mission at night and forget to take a single secondary, I feel like I am being chased by a police helicopter. 


I respectfully suggest either the flashlight is removed from the left hand weapon of Akimbo secondaries, or made it so that it focuses on your crosshair, instead of dancing frantically front and backwards.


If you choose to read this post, thank you for your time.

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Bugs forum, and you may want to mention the particular weapon you're using. They fixed a few already which had two lights (where one would swing around in the other hand while running).

I wouldnt really call it a bug, as it happens to all my akimbo secondaries. Looks like a feature or oversight to me. That said, thanks for the interest and reply.


(Might be a good idea to say which akimbo secondaries I use: Akvasto, Akstiletto, DexFuris)



Juts take a Mag Prime in. Have you seen that MASSIVE round thing on her face??? It's a spotlight.


Pick white energy color and off you go.



I do take Jigglypufframe at times, and THAT spotlight strangely doesnt work =(

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