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Best Mission Type To Farm Forma Efficiently?



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RNG knows you need formas. You can't farm them anymore until you got one or two forma from alerts to trick rng to think you don't need them.

if you want to "waste" t4 keys, they always give them. at least they are easy to get.

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Here's a list of Voids that drop Forma Blueprints:


T1Capture, T1Defense, T1Exterminate, T1MobileDefense, T2Cap, T2Ext, T3Cap, T3Def, T3Ext(Full, Prebuilt Forma), T3MDef, T3Survival(can get both the BP and a Prebuilt Forma), T4Cap, T4Def, T4Ext, T4Interception, T4MDef, T4Surv.


You can also get Forma BPs from Orokin Derelict Defense and Orokin Derelict Survival.


All taken from here:



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