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Ash Bug!


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Hello today is 9/3/2014 and I have found a bug on Warframe. As you can see on the title the bug is Ash Blade Storm. I had a lot of fun using the glitch but I think it time to get patch for the purpose of this post I will not leek how I did it but I will tell you some thing about it.


invisibility ( Team can see you ) ( Mob cannot see you ) 


Not Able to use melee

2 Decoy of Ash

Not able to use other ability

Not able to come down

Able to go more up

Not able to jump

Able to walk on the air


Proof: http://imgur.com/a/kLj40



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Yes the Floating bug as its sometimes call has been around for over a year but it has gotten progressively worse since the ash change and reconfiguration. I don't see it getting fixed anytime soon. as more and more bug are raising to the surface since Ash's change. Prior to this the floating was the only bug.

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