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Mirage: The Last Mission.


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Mirage: The last mission.


It was supposed to be a routine mission. Take the newbies and check the destroyed ship, scare them a little, teach them a few new things. They were scared of her. They should be. She was one of the best for a reason.


"Scout the area, and keep an eye out. We are to expect infested. We check the cargo, inform the command and go." She said fiercely as she kept her sword and shield at hand.

The weary looking Mag, Excalibur, and Volt moved with their guns raised and ready to fire.


They soon encountered a group of enemies. The monsters screamed and charged at once. "FIRE" she yelled jabbing her sword at the charging group.


They were inexperienced, that was obvious, but they were also afraid. That was not good. Though the two of them were doing averagely fine, Excalibur had been surrounded by a group of chargers. She jumped and started running on the wall, closing to her ally. When close enough she threw her shield on one of them making an opening before jumping over him slamming her weapon to the ground forcing the enemies to back off. As soon as the others came to their aid the infested were dead, for the moment.


"Thank you ..." Started Excalibur only to be interrupted by an enraged Mirage.

"Sorry? Thank you? You are scared and weak. Don't be afraid to use all your weapons, they are  not for your arsenal only. And skills, those battle suits are equipped with the most useful abilities if used correctly. Now all back to the mission, NOW!"

The three Tenno begun moving again, they knew an order when they heard one.


Their next fight was easier. They listened to the advice and did a lot better. Still she could not shake off the feeling that something was not good, it was almost too easy.


Soon they reached the cargo bay. It was quiet, too quiet. They found the monitor opening the security door to the inner rooms. The artifact had to be here. Mirage nodded and Mag pressed the command to open the gates. As in took time to de-pressurise the security rooms, they readied their weapons just in case.

Then she heard something. A shaky breath? A laugh? The source was a chair next to the console. They could only see the side of a grineer armour.


"A grineer here? I thought this was a corpus ship." said Volt pointing the gun towards the noise.


Mirage waved her hand and they stayed silent as she walked pushed the chair to see who was on it. The sight was horrifying for all of them. An infecter and mutated body of a grineer soldier. His eyes looked through her as he spoke.

" You will not escape, the queen will have all of you. You will never ...".

Mirage's handgun barrel was still smoking, and the monster now had a hole on his head. "RUN" she yelled as they all took off. They heard the security doors open and hoards of infested coming out shrieking. This was not a crushed ship, it was a full grown hive. It was a trap. She heard that the queens were more intelligent than the other infested but that was beyond her knowledge.


"Ordis, keep the doors along the route to extraction open."

"I am not a miracle-worker operator. I'll do my best, but you have to hurry."


Infested of all kind were pouring from doors along their way, the hoard coming closer. They could not make it.


"I will hold them off, you go."


"NOW. That is an order, Tenno. We have to report back, and this is the only way."


She was as ready as she could be. All the mastering and moding she had done to this point was for this moment. And then, without losing a second, she turned around on the spot let out a war cry as she drew her primary gun and a wave of energy filled the room. Suddenly the room was attacking the infested. Turrets, door lasers, crates, lockers. And there she was Mirage with four clones of herself gunning down the enemy.


The newbies could only gape in awe at the sight of the skill and power of their fellow Tenno. "Snap out of it, we are making it out alive" shouted Excalibur with new authority in his voice. The other two nodded and started running again.


A loud thud and then a shriek. The queen was there. As the huge infested shouted the rest seemed to regain courage and health and attacked again. They were slipping through her. The newbies will not make it. The turrets and crates destroyed. One of them tackled her and her weapon fell to the ground. The hoard were ignoring her then and running for the remaining Tenno.


No, this will not be the end, she thought. She raised both her hands and a crystal ball emerged from them and begun to rise above, damaging the infested and exploding blinding all of them, even the queen.


The last thing Excalibur saw before the last door closed was Mirage standing calmly up drawing her sword and shield, dark light covering her warframe as she run through the shadows towards the queen. This was the last they ever heard or saw of the horned trickster Mirage.


Until now.

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I like this fanfic except for maybe the grineer body out of nowhere (mainly because i thought the hidden messages were before warframe's current events), unless this is meant to be set now instead of before the game's events. I definitely want to see the story expanded on to have more buildup as well as that excalibur's development from a newbie to a more hardened and experienced character.

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