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Hattori Clan


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Does of you who played Shogun 2 Have known this clan, does who haven't play or can't play Shogun 2, Well hattori clan is a Based Shadow/Stealth/ Ninjas.... Formally an Army of Japan of Warriors and Many things, In Other Words "Masters Of Darkness" They relies heavily on Strength and Stealth, Well i have Opened such Clan, Within the Frame Network, I need helpful players and a mature audience for many reasons, I do not have faith that the guild would Live on, Does who join it bring light to "it" 1 Person cannot run an Empty Clan Needless to say an Empty Dojo.... Join Me and Join with other brothers of Blood.. The Hattori will Always Be within the darkness of the War Frames.....



PSN yosnel79---- feel free to add ( Only with questionable Methods such as .. within your Message type in wether you wish to join the clan on Warframe ) , Needless to say i am 1 person i cannot keep track of Players ....... due the fact that many come and many GO....... Although the clan is New so its just me for the time being.... would be easy to keep track, Although i do not only play warframe and i do have Clans of my own in other games.... So its hard to keep track of Players.. message me Before Spamming about Joining 18+ of Age... No inmature Folks 



Thank you For your time and patience and i Hope to see You within The game.

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