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2-Plat Attack!

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Ello there!


Welcome to my 2-Plat Attack, where if it's listed here, it's being sold for 2 plat! You, the buyer, are always welcome to offer more than 2-Plat :P All sales are first come, first serve. Enjoy!





Heavy Trauma

Hollow Point


Tainted Clip

Tainted Mag


Prime Parts:

Akbronco Prime Link

Boar Prime Receiver

Bronco Prime Blueprint

Burston Prime Stock

Ember Prime Helmet

Frost Prime Helmet

Latron Prime Barrel

Loki Prime Blueprint

Paris Prime Grip

Paris Prime Lower Limb

Paris Prime String

Mag Prime Blueprint

Mag Prime Chassis

Rhino Prime Systems

Sicarus Prime Barrel

Wyrm Prime Cerebrum



Burning Wasp

Clashing Forest

Eleventh Storm

Fracturing Wind

Gemini Cross

Reaping Spiral

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