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Can't Sign In To The Forums With My Account.


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Hi, I am really sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to put it.


(This is my partner's account, post will explain why).


Basically my problem is that ever since I started using the forums on my account, it would automatically sign me in. Well today I signed out, because I couldn't find the Account Management tab, but when I signed back in, it had signed me in to this account.


I have no idea how to sign in as my account as when I press the "Sign in with PS4" option it automatically signs in to this account now, doesn't give me a choice to enter my details.


I apologise if there is an obvious way to do this, I just can't seem to find it!


Thanks for anyone that is able to help. 

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I have a similar problem, which has only started occurring since I began playing on the XB1 as well as the PS4.


As you can see this is posted from my XB1 account as my PS4 ID can log onto the home page but I then get the option to "Login" if I choose the forums.


If I then choose to login I'm informed I am already logged in to the site.


No problems staying signed in on my XB1 GT but my PSN ID doesn't seem to work, thank you for your time :)


Best wishes & good gaming


TMS LW198/WetPaintGaming

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