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Wts Or Trade Prime Parts And Mods Cheap

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Selling cheap cause i need new warframe slot. I will keep this updates also. Just send me an offer.


I have


Prime SETS

Latron Prime Set

Reaper Prime Set


Prime Parts

Akbronco Prime Bp

Bo Prime Ornament

Boar Prime Barrel

Boar Prime Receiver 2x

Boar Prime Stock 2x

Boltor Prime Barrel 

Boltor Prime Receiver 2x

Braton Prime Bp 2x

Braton Prime Stock

Bronco Prime BP 2x

Burston Prime Barrel

Burston Prime Receiver

Burston Prime Stock 3x

Dakra Prime BLade

Dakra Prime Handle 5x

Ember Prime Bp 3x

Ember Prime Chassis

Ember Prime Helmet 3x

Fang Prime Blade

Fang Prime Handle

Frost Prime Chassis 5x

Latron Prime Bp 2x

Latron Prime Barrel 2x

Latron Prime Receiver

Latron Prime Stock

Mag Prime Bp 4x

Mag Prime Chassis 9x

Paris Prime Grip

Paris Prime Lower Limb

Paris Prime String 4x

Reaper P Bp 2x

Reaper Handle

Rhino Prime Systems 5x

Sicarus Prime Bp

Sicarus Prime Barrel 2x

Wyrm Prime Bp


Warframe Mods 

Antitoxin R2

Constitution R1 and Unranked




Primany Mods

Burdened Magazine R2


Ravage R1 and Unranked

Seeking Force

Serration R3


Vital Sense R1 and Unranked x2




Steady Hands


Melee Mods

Corrupt Charge

Energy Channel R1

Power Throw 3x

Sundering Strike 3x


Stance Mods

Cleaving Whirlwind R1 and Unranked (Axes)

Seismic Palm (Fists)


Aura Mods

Enemy Radar R2

Pistol Scavenger

Rifle Scavenger

Shotgun Scavenger

Sniper Scavenger x2

Speed Holster R3


Kubrow Mods

Link Health R2

Loyal Companion R3

Scavenge R4


I Need Prime parts

Self Destruct mod

Coolant Leak mod

Bo Handle

Frost systems

Orthos handle

Rhino P bp 

Wyrm systems


Its better to hit me up on the ps4 than here. I only have 5p so i cant buy any parts Just Selling or trading. I will keep this updated too.

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