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Status Mod Changes


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With the release of the 4th status mod and the inevitable buff of non dual stat mods it feels like high status chance weapon are going to lose their place to higher damage weapons that have low status chance but enough to beat out the real status weapons in utility thanks to all the heavy boosting



Ive thought of a few changes that may help and will be controversial without a doubt but here goes


First the changes of dual stat elemental mods


They allow a damage and status boost that nearly obsoletes pure elemental damage mods because of the high utility


My suggestion for this is to separate status chances between elements


For example Scorch would only boost the status chance of fire and fire based combinations


This would allow status weapons to stay on top and be more specialized


Before you shoot this down ill say i can definitely see why people wouldnt want it and can sympathize. Its not something im willing to defend to the death


The second suggestion is an entirely new set of weapon mods of each element,including dual elementals, for each weapon type


These mods would serve purely as a utility, having no damage and being unable to combine with other elements


The idea is to be able to make literally any combination of elements without being too powerful (hopefully)


The only problem is the damage of your weapon has an effect on how often the specified element will prov


For this simply give these elementals a chance = to half that of your highest source of damage (puntcure,slash,impact,ele,dual ele, whichever has the highest number)


The third and final suggestion, that has been mentioned before, is super status


A function that greatly increases the effects of statuses that go beyond 100%


An example would be Viral procs taking 50% of the targets HP for 10 seconds instead of 6 or reducing their max HP by 75%


Lightning elemental magic AoE and/or damage increase by 50%


Corrosive eating more armor per hit, Radiation lasts longer or is given an AoE radiating effect o proc


Slash damage being broken as ever and impact ragdolling instead of stunning (maybe some of these are OP?)


Anyways those are my three


Please provide feedback and shoot down what you think is crazy catnip talk

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Better to just buff the stock status mods to 60%+ at max rank to me.That way you can choose to go for massive status chance, damage, or a combination. Also would allow some cool interactions with double status procs.

With the current system well find high status weapons being obsoleted soon enough


Unless super statuses are added that is


And even then it might not be enough

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they need to buff the regular status mods to 120% boost, so people could see the % and be like "......event mod with elements or pure status overload?........." as it stands the status chance mods are fail unless they're event ones.


Not really. 90% vs 60% is pretty significant in terms of raw damage, especially on weapons that have terrible status chances.

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