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Mod Rank Stacking? Ranking To Non-Max.


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Okay, I know we've been asking for this for a year, but something's gotta be done.


With this new UI, only listing 2(!?!?) mods per column, my sidescroll bar to find a particular mod while open in arsenal is ridiculous.


I'm currently looking at about 70 columns to scroll through my warframe mods, and around 300! columns to scroll through my 'All Mods' listing in Equipment->Mods. 


These numbers could be cut into probably a quarter simply by having duplicates of different ranks stack onto a single card.




Finally, while we're near the topic, we need a way to add multiples dynamically without cancelling and readding stacks. I'm talking when trying to level to a specific rank rather than to full.


Right now my process is:

Add 40 fusion cores. Too much. Cancel. Add 20 Fusion Cores. Too little. Cancel. Add 30 Fusion Cores. Still too little. Cancel. Add 32 Cores. Oh, just over. Cancel. Add 31 Cores, confirm it's just below. Move to a trash duplicates stack, and rinse and repeat till you hit the desired Rank exactly. Anything else will waste cores/mods on overleveling.


At the VERY least please make the '# of duplicates to add' field active when clicking a mod, so I can go straight to the number pad and hit #s and Enter, rather than having to click the field each time (moving the mouse from the mod's position on the screen, which is where I need to click to do Cancel->Add->Cancel iterations.

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read again, he is not talking about max rank mods. And i completely agree with him. Its a pain in the &#!.

Its only easy when you use duplicates to get the mod at each rank

(rank 1 = 1 duplicate, rank 2 = 3 duplicates, rank 3 = 7 duplicates, rank 4 = 15 duplicates, rank 5 = 31 duplicates etc)

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This would be a nice, easy fix. Where it says 'XX available', hovering over that (or clicking) could open up a sheet showing how many needed for each rank.

This would be great.  Especially if the numbers were clickable to automatically add that many.

If not that, SOME better interface for partially-ranking mods would be nice.  Heck, I'd settle for putting plus/minus buttons overlaid on the donor cards when they're active.  Have a hotspot on the number to toggle the entire stack like it does now, top 20-30% of the card adds one more, bottom portion removes one.  Anything that's better than what we have now.

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