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Operative Missions


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There is often mentions of the "lone Tenno operative" working behind the scenes, and they're apparently good at their job, so I had a thought.


A new mission type called Operative, where things did not go so well for the lone Tenno and they are captured by either faction. From the start the mission would have a timer ticking along, like Survival, but as time passes the Operative's health takes damage. Haste would be the obvious point of the mission, and if you get to the Operative before a certain amount of time passes it becomes a Rescue mission and the following Operative would have the same level of mobility as the players would, possibly at the cost of being more fragile from the experiments. Fail to reach the operative before that point and it becomes an Exterminate mission, with the Operative being one of the entities you have to kill out of mercy's sakes.


But take way too long and the experiments complete and the mission becomes an Assassination mission, with the Operative having been changed into something along the lines of the Stalker but created by Orokin technology found in the Void. Possibly somewhat more difficult than the Stalker to make it boss-worthy in exchange for there being no instant kills like the Stalker is capable of. The payoff could be scaled in favor of the Rescue version with a better payoff for being swift and worse for the Assassination version as punishment, but have something like the Stalker Excalibur Helmet in the Operative's drop pool and possibly even special mods (created by the experiments altering their installed mods) to make the weaker payoff worth it.


Just a thought, and not at all complete.

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I always thought it would be cool if there were a Survival mission mode where you go in as 2 squads, one runs the regular survival while the other one plays the 'lone tenno raiding the ship blah blah'


I had thoughts along that line, but I figured setting up the Squads system to account post-match for that would be problematic.

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