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How Does Leaving Loadout Slots Empty Benefit Xp Gain?



Case in point: All my available (fresh Kubrow incubating... ) companions have rank 30. I have unranked gear in all other slots.


Should I take my Carrier without attack precept into a Void mission to ensure that I do not miss freakish drops and for free shield restores - or leave the slot empty to gain (from what) more XP on the <30-ranked gear?


Do e.g. experience orbs grant 100XP to each item or do they split 100 on all there is or do they split it on all slots whether empty or full?

What other sources for spreading XP are there and how do these behave?


I assume, Warframe abilities add Warframe XP, Sentinel abilities add Sentinel XP, Primary kills add Primary XP, etc., but is that so?

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You get the same amount of XP no matter what. All that changes is the distribution.


On a kill made by your warframe abilities, the frame gets 100% of the XP.

On a kill made by your weapon, that weapon gets 50% and the frame gets 50%.

On a kill made by a teammate, your frame gets 25% and your equipped weapons equally share 75%.


The last type is where dropping a weapon or two can greatly accelerate weapon leveling. Instead of all three weapons getting 25% each, bringing just one will get 75%, increasing the XP gain by a relative 3x.


If all equipped weapons are in need of leveling, it doesn't really matter. But if you only need to level one weapon, just bring that weapon - bringing a fully ranked weapon will 'waste' XP.

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okay I dont know for a fact how exp works but from my expierence

(i'm mastery rank 16)


lets say you have 4 items


your frame

your rifle

your side arm

and a setinal with no weapon


what ever you kill with frame-skill rifle bullet or side arm bullet that specific weapon will gain the most exp and the rest (and the setinal too) will get a split% of that exp kill


edit  life just became easy for me



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Weapon kills are split between your Warframe and all other eqipped pieces of gear, with the majority going to the thing that got the kill. I can't tell you the exact percentages. If you have less gear equipped, the experience that would have gone to that slot will be divided to the rest of your stuff.


Warframe abilities aren't divided the same, though.

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Mayhap I formulated my question poorly.

[...] bringing a fully ranked weapon will 'waste' XP.

This was the desired information.


But still thanks for&from the rest; not currently decisive but still good to know.

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