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Fftl Is Looking For Active Members!


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          Hey all you Tenno out there! Freedom From the Lotus is recruiting members! We have approximately 20 spots for any and all ranks/skill levels! We are willing to help out any of those straglers still trying to get used to the feel of Warframe. If you would like to join message me DIRECTLY in the forums. I WILL NOT BE RECRUITING YOU IF YOU REPLY IN THIS POST! Make sure you hurry! Spots will fill fast. You know why? We have all of the latest research complete *cough cough* Glaxion *cough*. In the message sent to me, be sure to leave your mastery rank, and what reason you want to join. If you send this to me (again, directly, not in a reply to this post), I will send the clan invite in-game. If you are in a clan when i attempt to send, i will not remind you. Double check. *note* Your mastery rank will NOT affect whether you get into the clan, but will affect your promotions until you reach rank 6, when i will promote based on activity and support for the rest of the clan. SEND THOSE MESSAGES TODAY GUYS  :3   Thanks!

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