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Do Any Of You Think De Will Add Red And White Kubrow Colours?


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Nova Grey is the closest I've seen to white, and I haven't seen anything whiter. Unless someone has one bred that is a shade lighter (that we can see as an example), that is as white as it gets.


Hopefully we'll get a red in the future, as that is the color I was hoping for. Instead we got purple, orange, black and white with a bunch of other worthless colors that are too light for properly contrasting colors. So far the color selection is pretty pathetic either way.

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The colors I used on this Kubrow are Valkyr Brown (looks orange), Nova Gey (looks white) and Derelict Black.

The brown is more orange and the grey looks pretty white to me. Then again, maybe it just looks like it on my screen.






Was aiming for this:


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