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Requesting Critique/feedback On My Warframe Mall Thread



Note to mods: I know this post probably deserves to be under the trading post section, but I would like to humbly request it not be moved there. I really need critique/feedback to improve my warframe mall thread with the end result of getting it pinned. Moving this post to the trading post section, where the default view is "starting date" not "recently updated" (which I gather not many are aware of) will force it into the abyss even with constant replies/discussions.


To everyone else: Some of you may have noticed that about a week+ ago I started compiling a list of storefronts into a single post. The current link is https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/303651-warframe-mall-collection-of-storefronts/ (if I've done a repost and the link no longer works, you can search "Warframe Mall" under PC Trading Post).


I've since received a lot of positive feedback from a number of players and mods. 


What I need now is feedback on how to improve it. I need buyers' and sellers' perspectives and what might be lacking. I need to know if the layout is complicated, if navigation is a problem. I need to know if you even understand the purpose behind such a post and whether it's needed or if I'm just wasting my time. 


Thanks in advance.

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