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The Mod Loadout Freezes On My Screen


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Like all Tenno I'm in my Arsenal changing up my Mods and trying to make my warframe and weapons beast so I can destroy me some Grineer. The only thing stopping me is that the Mod load out screen freezes! I leave the arsenal can't move my warframe and all I see is the Mod Screen still up... I can open my menu and select navigation and all the tabs but when I get moved to that section I can't move and if I get in front of the arsenal you can still see the Mod Screen. It prevents me from entering navigation, Mod unit, foundry, market and codex. I have to close down the app and restart it. Gotta say its highly annoying and by the time I get back in the game I've completely forgotten what I was trying to achieve in my arsenal in the first place.... Please fix! 

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