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What If...glaxion Could Heal Frost's Snowglobe?


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Glaxion got a buff. A small buff, but a buff nevertheless. But it needs more.


Among the myriad of eligible buffs to this weapon, I think one of them could be a side utility that could help any Frost player out there.


What if shooting a Snowglobe with Glaxion healed it rather than hurt it?


It would have to be a good amount of health restored per second, as it is extremely situational and takes up your primary weapon slot. So to make it a valid choice in high level defense, I think Glaxion should heal the globe 10hp per ammo consumed on the globe. So, if I use 10 ammo on the globe, it will have healed 100hp. Or you could base it off of the Glaxion's cold damage. Say, 5hp for every 1 point of cold damage done to the globe. Either way, it should be a good amount of healing power for use on high levels of play.


Obviously we can't test these numbers in-game, but I think it would be enough to give a support Frost incentive to use the Glaxion for high level defense.


Tell me what you think. Too stronk, or just what Glaxion (and Frost's Snowglobe) could use to make them slightly better?


It is important to note that Glaxion will need additional improvements to be viable as a whole. This is just one of those improvements.

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Synergy between weapon and Warframe? What are we playing, Borderlands?!!! BLASPHEMY!!


Personally I think this is a good idea but this kind of move could open up a whole mess of balance with weapons having unintended effects interacting with certain Warframe or skill (lookin at you zerker)


Of course that's a slippery slope. Glaxion needs all the buff/utility it can get, being able to heal Snowglobe will give it a nice defensive use. 

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I still think just giving it the unique ability to freeze enemies, either through forced cold procs or some other mechanic, would be the best buff to give it, but it's not the first time there's been that specific of a weapon/frame interaction. Synapse fired through Electric Shield used to give it those red crits, along with the traditional hitscan conversion. The Snow Globe definitely shouldn't block the Glaxion's shot in that case, though. Shooting through the snow globe should do the heal, while still letting the ray travel to hit enemies. But yeah, good idea.

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