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Make Loadout Slots Buyable/earnable


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My Platinum is waiting so i can get more loadout slots. Apparently you get loadout slots for every 2 ranks achieved that is kinda dumb seeing that the maximum amount of loadout slots is 8. I want to be able to have a loadout slot for every single Warframe at least.

Plus Take my Platinum 

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I just discovered we can win these buy passing mastery tests.

This is kinda horrible, yah DE could win some money with these, and yes new players don't have many gear to create different loudouts.


But, my heart is with the poor new players, who miss out on something quite practical and useful to use.


Specially since damage 2.0, when many complained they had to keep changing loudouts for different strategies or factions.

It's a weird way to earn or acquire them at the moment.


Actually the old ABC presets, could all be removed and they could give us more loudouts.

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