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Failed To Join Problem Info


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Don't know if this has already been posted, but sharing info that I have found.


My friend and I both run Untangle firewalls.


While playing warframe we were trying to invite each other and I would get failed to join, and he wouldn't get my invites at all.


we have bypassed the usual warframe ports and have had no problems connecting in the past (to ourselves, or to others). Nothing has changed on either of our networks.


So, both of us review detailed firewall logging. it appears his natted IP was trying to connect to my firewall externally (a 192.168.xxx.xxx) address.. and his firewall was blocking connections from my natted ip (10.0.xxx.xxx), most firewalls are going to block packets of this nature.. might explain this failed to join ghost


after both of us add generic rules that accept packets from each others INTERNAL ip addresses.. the game connects fine and we do not get the famous (failed to join session) anymore... bad workaround, but good for troubleshooting nonetheless.






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I'm the other guy with Untangle.  The other thing I noticed was that it was not using the standard warframe ports. mine was using 5170-5180, while his was using somewhere around 10000 range.  If it was using the standard warframe ports, we would not have had the problem since we've setup rules to allow those ports.

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