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Looking For A Clan Emblem.



So I absolutely suck at drawing as of High school year, I got the jitters and cant draw a line to save my life. 


However my friend and I were wanting to start a clan in hopes of creating an alliance of more...mature players. Creating a fun gaming community and hopefully restoring my love for the game.


Our clans called "Forgotten Order"


We were thinking a Lotus emblem in the background and possibly a Skana and Braton crossed in the middle. 


Secondary thought was Lotus emblem with Excal, Mag, Loki, Nyx, and Frost in the front like they are posed in alot of pictures on the web. in between that our clan name?


Heck if you have any neat ideas send em. Id be more than glad to see them.


For anyone who is willing to help with this thanks in advance.

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Ok OP Heres what I got for you 





If you like it and/or what me to add something I will, and Ill send you the PSD file aswell as the original 5k x 5k PNG and one sized to upload for approval (itll also be without the small blemishes this one has)

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