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Sparring Prime/dragon/vandal


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I believe Kogake is Tenno inspires so maybe a Dragon Kogake build or conversion.

Would like to see a Status/Elemental Sparring Prime weapon - new name/design...a gold Kogake Prime would be lackluster.

I would really like to see an Obex Vandal with Crit damage multiplier on par with Dual Cleavers/Dual Ichors/Dual Zorens....a small base damage increase (like 5 impact) would be nice but I would be contempt with just the Crit damage multiplier boost.


Rework Kogake to be Status Sparring version with higher base/raw damage

And Obex to be Crit/speed sparring version.

Also, change Grim fury to hit AoE when in stance, if you could be so kind to oblige...

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