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High Conclave Assassinations, The Adventure...


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There were 4 brave tenno.


All geared up they went and killed targets marked by the Lotus. Somehow, hoping they would have a challenge.




First on their list was Jackal, a fierce Corpus quadruped. Alas, Jackal was down and no challenge was found...




Next was Alad V. Another Corpus target, but he died without downing one of us.




After that came Sargas Ruk, fiery as ever, he tried to take us down, but again, Ruk was out of luck...

It would seem he forgot to gear up himself...




Last but not least, we decided to take on the Hyena pack. Levels of 50, 50, 63 and 63, we decided that whoever got downed first, got to write us a poem.






The first to be downed was are2dude. Reviving him, mocro125 got downed as well.

Here is the poem are2dude produced from his dying lips...



There once was a Rhino,

Are2dude was his name.


He had quick thinking,

but it did help him nay.


The disruption got him,

and took his energy away.


And just like that,

he was out of the way...


To be continued?



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