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Currently I can't complete three challenges:


Shield Saver - stuck at 999/1000. Used to reset back to 0 after reaching 1000.

The update that added the Mercenary challenge (don't know which patch added it, checked the notes, couldn't find it) changed it, so now it reaches 999 and won't complete.


Mercenary - currently stuck at 95k/100k. Completed two invasions for 35k, third invasion (also for 35k) did not complete the challenge, neither has the fourth (yet again for 35k). Doing an invasion for 25k updated the progress to it's current state and it refuses to move from that spot.

Seems that battle pay that would complete the challenge isn't counted.


Saviour of Earth - Killing (the new) Vay Hek does nothing.

From what I understand, to complete it I had to kill the old Vay Hek that would spawn on Everest. When he was removed, the challenge wasn't updated.

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