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My Kronen Wont Do Slide Damage Sometimes.


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When i slide and press quick melee on (e.g.): toxic ancient it wont show any damage done to them, even if im in range of kronens little slide range.



I dunno about you guys, but I've noticed severe inconsistency with slide attacks with all weapons.


My dual ichors almost never hit an enemy even if I slide directly into them.

I've noticed this with my kronen at least.

one case where I literally got stopped by a ancient while still spinning and didn't hit the thing, I know I missed because it still had full health and I've only meet 3 things that where still standing after taking a kronen spin attack, they where all above lvl 30 and this ancient was not.

I apologize for the mini rant but i'm getting tired of clipping enemies with my warframe and turning to them not being cut in half.

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