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Want To Trade Or Sell: Mods, Prime Blueprints, & Helmets

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You can contact me with your offer in this topic, by private message here, on Warframe, or via PSN (PopThosePringles).

Here is my list of prime parts I am looking for.

Prime Blueprints:

    Akbronco Prime Link Blueprint
    Ankyros Prime Gauntlet [x2]
    Bo Prime Handle
    Bo Prime Blueprint
    Boar Prime Barrel
    Braton Prime Barrel
    Braton Prime Receiver
    Bronco Prime Barrel
    Bronco Prime Receiver
    Dakra Prime Blade
    Fang Prime Blade [x1]
    Fang Prime Handle [x1]
    Glaive Prime Blueprint
    Glaive Prime Blade [x1]
    Glaive Prime Disc
    Latron Receiver
    Lex Prime Blueprint
    Lex Prime Barrel
    Loki Prime Helmet
    Loki Prime Systems
    Mag Prime Helmet
    Mag Prime Systems
    Reaper Prime Blade
    Wyrm Prime Cerebrum
    Wyrm Prime Systems





    Arcane Coil Helmet (MAG)


Here is my list of things for sale, or trade.

If there is a mod you want that is not rare, let me know, and I'll see if I have it. 


Just send me your offer if you want to buy anything from my list, or trade me for a prime part from the list above.


I usually respond quickly, however best place to contact me is on PSN in the evening, and via PM here in the day.  I am in the UK, so keep the timezone into consideration if you don't get a response right away.

Warframe Mods:

    Heavy Impact
    Master Thief
    Natural Talent
    Quick Rest
    Reflex Guard
    Shock Absorbers
    Undying Will
Primary Mods:

    Accelerated Blast
    Arrow Mutation
    Bane of Corpus
    Bane of Grineer
    Bane of Infested
    Burdened Magazine
    Charged Chamber
    Charged Shell
    Chilling Grasp
    Cleanse Infested
    Cleanse Grineer
    Critical Delay
    Contagious Spread
    Cryo Rounds
    Eagle Eye
    Hammer Shot
    Hell's Chamber
    Infested Clip
    Malignant Force
    Metal Auger
    Rifle Aptitude
    Rifle Ammo Mutation
    Shell Compression
    Shotgun Savvy
    Shotgun Ammo Mutation
    Sniper Ammo Mutation
    Split Chamber
    Tactical Pump
    Vital Sense
Secondary Mods:

    Barrel Diffusion
    Expel Grineer
    Expel Infested
    Hallow Point
    Heated Charge
    Hornet Strike
    Ice Storm
    No Return
    Pistol Ammon Mutation
    Razor Shot
    Steady Hands
    Stunning Speed
    Target Cracker

Melee Mods:

    Fever Strike
    Focus Energy
    Heavy Trauma
    Killing Blow
    Molten Impact
    Power Throw
    Reflex Coil
    Rending Strike
    Shocking Touch
    Smite Infested
    Spoiled Strike
    Sundering Strike
    Warrior's Grip

Stance Mods:

    Cleaving Whirlwind (Max rank)
    Clashing Forest
    Crushing Ruin
    Burning Wasp
    Eleventh Storm (Max rank)
    Fracturing Wind
    Iron Phoenix
    Pointed Wind (Max rank)
    Reaping Spiral
    Shattering Storm
    Shimmering Blight
    Sinking Talon
    Sundering Weave
    Swirling Tiger

Sentinel Mods:

    Fast Deflection
    Fired Up
    Spare Parts

Aura Mods:

    Enemy Radar
    Energy Siphon
    Pistol Scavenger
    Rifle Amp
    Rifle Scavenger
    Shotgun Scavenger
    Speed Holster
    Steel Charge

Kubrow Mods:

    Fast Deflection
    Link Armor
    Link Health
    Link Shields
    Loyal Companion
    Pack Leader

Prime Blueprints:

    Ankyros Prime Blueprint [x1]
    Bo Prime Ornament [x4]

    Boar Prime Blueprint [x3]
    Boar Prime Receiver [x5]

    Boltor Prime Stock [x12]
    Burston Prime Barrel [x1]
    Burston Prime Receiver [x1]
    Burston Prime Stock [x1]
    Dakra Prime Blueprint [x1]
    Ember Prime Chassis [x1]
    Ember Prime Helmet [x3]
    Latron Prime Blueprint [x6]
    Latron Prime Stock [x2]
    Latron Prime Barrel [x1]
    Loki Prime Blueprint [x2]
    Mag Prime Blueprint [x1]
    Mag Prime Chassis [x3]
    Paris Prime Blueprint [x1]
    Paris Prime Grip [x1]
    Paris Prime Lower Limb [x1]
    Rhino Prime Systems [x2]
    Sicarus Prime Barrel [x2]
    Sicarus Prime Blueprint [x1]

Appearance Helmets:

    Note: These need to be built before trading, so allow 12 hours.  Don't waste my time saying you want one, then 12 hours later you then don't want it.

    Arcane Aura Helmet [x1] (BUILT)
    Arcane Chorus Helmet [x1]
    Arcane Flux Helmet [x1]
    Arcane Gambit Helmet [x1]
    Arcane Reverb Helmet [x1]
    Aura Trinity Helmet [x1]
    Avalon Excalibur Helmet [x1]
    Bastet Valkyr Helmet [x1]
    Chorus Banshee Helmet [x1]
    Cierzo Zephyr Helmet [x1]
    Essence Loki Helmet [x2]
    Gambit Vauban Helmet [x1]
    Gauss Mag Helmet [x1]
    Hemlock Saryn Helmet [x1]
    Kara Valkyr Helmet [x1]
    Locust Ash Helmet [x1]
    Manticore Ash Helmet [x1]
    Markhor Oberon Helmet [x2]
    Oryx Oberon Helmet [x1]
    Phoenix Ember Helmet [x1]
    Quantum Nova Helmet [x1]
    Raknix Nekros Helmet [x1]
    Shroud Nekros Helmet [x1]
    Storm Volt Helmet [x1]
    Thrak Rhino Helmet [x1]
    Vespa Nyx Helmet [x1]

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