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Big Sale Of Prime Stuff!

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Hello, time for some inventory clearing! The list of Primes i am selling is:

Akbronco P BP|Ankyros P Blade|Ankyros P Gauntlet|Bo P Ornament|Boar P Set|Boltor P Barrel|Boltor P Stock|Braton P BP|Braton P Stock|Bronco P BP|Bronco P Barrel|Bronco P Receiver|Burston P Barrel|Burston P Stock|Dakra P Set|Ember P BP|Ember P Chassis|Ember P Helmet|Fang P Blade|Frost P BP|Frost P Chassis|Frost P Helmet|Glaive P BP|Glaive P Disc|Latron P Set|Mag P BP|Mag P Chassis|Mag P Systems|Orthos P BP|Orthos P Handle|Paris P Lower Limb|Paris P String|Paris P Upper Limb|Reaper P BP|Reaper P Handle|Rhino P Systems|Sicarus P BP|Sicarus P Barrel


I will take trade offers also, as long as they are either Loki P Systems,Helmet and Wyrm P Set.

IGN is Fluttershy93, pm me there or send me a message here or even reply :) Ill check every now and then.

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