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Orokin Cell Frustration (Drops) - Required For Foundry Weapon



I've been working on building a weapon in the foundry for almost two weeks. One of the ingredients needed is Orokin Cells - 10 of them.


I've farmed Saturn extensively (no joke) and only gotten two in that timeframe. That included farming the Saturn Boss about +- 30 times in one day.


On top of this I have a distiller regurlarly in Saturn that has not farmed a single Orokin Cell. Tons of spores but no Orokin.


For the sake of sanity and really wanting to build this weapon, where are Orokin Cells actually dropping these days? I have read wiki, comments etc and the two Orokin Cells I did actually get, dropped from Bombards in one of the Saturn exterminate missions. Ran that about 30 times as well.


Thanks in advance.

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you just got RNGesus.... I farmed salad for 30 runs and got like 4 cells from him. I got more sells from opening crates and lockers than him.


I took a break and went to kill Ruk. Every time i killed for he dropped 1 Cell for 10 of my runs, and i found 4 more in crates and lockers.



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I'm running as MagP or LokiP. Just to clarify the Saturn Boss did NOT drop a single Orokin cell the entire time I was farming him. I've only just reached Ceres so don't have enough experience there yet.


Saturn has been a total bust in trying to get these cells - feels like RNG has hit a new time high with Saturn and Orokin Cells + me. Not impressed with the whole Distiller story either.


I don't have a Nekros wf unfortunately. Just Mag, MagP and LokiP.


Are there any maps in particular that stand out in Saturn for dropping Orokin? The Boss has been a 100% fail in those drops :) Not winging (much) just really frustrated and feeling held back. I'll get over it.

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You have to be really unlucky - I spend 2 evenings farming Sargas Ruk (nothing hardcore - several speed runs with good PUG... some time in looby... run with bad PUG.... checking trade channel .... etc etc) and I have farmed 25 of these. Sometimes there is 0 sometimes 1 and two times I got 2.

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Open everything, break everything.

I mostly get my cells from containers.

Invasion missions are pretty good too.


And I had a normal extractor for months and I only got 1 "critical hit" giving away 10 cells.

Its like everything. When you're actively looking for something, it won't drop. But when you stop, you get too much.


Like some other posts said, keep playing to have fun, not to grind over and over. The game needs to stay a game and not become work.


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Just an update to those that took the time to give pointers. I finally got my Orokin cells by giving up on Saturn and focusing on Ceres, Derelict and Void. Finally managed to build my weapon and it was worth the wait. I enjoyed it so much over the weekend that I even forma'd a weapon for the first time.


School fees for me I think, whilst it is possible to get an Orokin cell drop in Saturn it's so rare it's really not worth farming for it there. Unless you are one of the truly exceptionally lucky people of the universe.


DE, thanks also for the Orokin cells Alerts over the weekend.

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Glad the community helped you out. If you need more cells in the future, I have 3 methods that I use (currently sitting on 40 cells, most will be used for forma) and over 1000 hours of gameplay experience.

1) Sargas Ruk*

2) Lephantis (ODA)

3) Kiste, Ceres

*Ruk is boring as f$@k. Only worthwhile if you can speed run the entire mission in less than 4 minutes. I use Rhino Prime built entirely around Iron Skin and speed with a Phage. Good if you need a few cells, but I wouldn't recommend farming him repeatedly because it becomes a chore.

ODA is great if you have solid gear and/or a good group. Usually nets you about 2 rare materials (cells or neurodes) per run. I run a Nova so I can easily solo him using m-prime's slow. I'd recommend equipping Master Thief if you have it and breaking every container and opening every locker to replace your Golem Nav Coordinates. Find out how to get to some of the secret rooms in the derelict (YouTube) for best results. ADDED BONUS: Lephantis drops the Nekros parts, aka 'Farmframe' You'll want Nekros reduce grinding time for future materials.

Finally Kiste, Ceres. Amazing for XP, this mission well usually net you 1 cell on average, 2-3 with a nitrous in your group.

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