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Phourous Radiation Warframe


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backstory and skills:

I was hoping for a radiation Warframe in the more traditional sense (Atomic bombs, Nuclear fallout etc). I mean Oberon is cool and all, but it's not really "Radiation", instead being more of a holy light power set, which doesn't really give the overall feel of the destructive nature of Radiation. So here's what my ideal Rad Warframe would be...
Boring backstory inbound*
A versatile warframe with many crowd control and damage abilties, designed to bring confusion and high damage to the playing fields. Raedon (Phourous), much like her element, is higly unstable. Being subject to the Grineer's brutal Warframe replication regime. The Grineer scientist's implanted unstable nuclear rods all over her arms and back, in an effort to produce a power supply to fuel the Frame. Nevertheless after multiple attempts it worked, resulting in a Grineer/Tenno hybrid that utilities her new-found power effectively.
End of backstory, you are free now*
Name: Raedon (Phourous)
Shields/Health: Fairly average shields (125), below average health (90)  with high armour (150)
1) Ejection (cost 25): Grabs a nuclear rod from her back and hurls it forwards at high speed. Dealing 100/150/200 Puncture damage on enemy contact with a 100% Radiation proc chance. On top of this, if the affected enemy
is killed with the rod still attached they will explode upon death dealing 200 blast damage within a 5m radius.
2) Gamma Burst (cost 50): Raedon thrusts her palm forward and emits a 180 degree spray of Gamma rays that targets enemies. On contact, each ray will deal 50 Radiation damage with a 100% proc chance. 10/15/20 Gamma rays can be released in one use.
2a) Meltdown (cost 50): Pretty much the exact same as Gamma burst, but with Fire damage instead of Radiation damage with a full 360 degree effect. Instead of Gamma rays, Radeon (Phourous) would emit white-hot sparks from the rods implanted into her back.
3) Fallout (cost 75): Raedon (Phourous) exhumes suprising amounts of thick fallout all over her body, a toxic trail of nuclear gasses and ash will follow Raedon (Phourous) wherever she moves, the toxic material will remain long after Raedon (Phourous) has left. Allowing players to "construct walls" of high damage barriers (Imagine shooting a rapid-fire Torid behind you as you walk). The clouds will deal 100/150/200 Gas damage per tick. The clouds will last 10/15/20 seconds after spawning. The casting duration will last 3/5/7 seconds. (Only the cloud lifetime will be affected by power duration mods)
4) Critical Mass (cost 100): Raedon (Phourous) collects two nuclear rods from her back, holding one in each hand. 
Raedon (Phourous) slams them together with great force, resulting in the rods detonating due to critical mass. A blinding white light flashes briefly across the screen, the resulting explosion dealing variable amounts of damage depending on the distance from the detonation. (Max range 30m. damage is seperated into 3 "rings" around Raedon (Phourous), the damage will be equal Radiation and Blast damage.
The inner ring (5m radius) will deal a whopping 1000/1500/2000 blast/rad damage.
The middle ring (15m radius) will deal 500/750/1000 blast/rad damage.
The outer ring (30m radius) a measley 100/175/250 blast/rad damage).
However any damage dealt will result in a blast proc, allowing Raedon to recover from his position. 

Phourous 1.0






Phourous 2.0


Phourous 3.0


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the design is pretty cool, though the powers feel a bit... meh? also how would its first power work, a temporary radial disarm?

edit: alright 2nd set of abilities are much cooler, though uh my question about her 1 still stands :x

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Love the concept art! Again, like others have said... the abilities...


System Shutdown: Electronic Devices as in... MOAs? That would make her very gimped against Grineer.


Toxic Charge: Radiation version of Contagion, but maybe a bit better than Contagion since you did not specify melee weapon. Not a bad idea, honestly, but similar to Saryn's ability, the name is not very fitting of the effect. Gamma Charge, maybe?


Beta Decay: Copy of Saryn's Miasma. DoT Corrosive damage. Needs to be redone, or a unique mechanic added.


Gamma Outburst: Radiation version of Miasma? More or less mixing the effect of Oberon's Reckoning with the animation and application of Miasma, maybe? It sounds rather interesting. The name is awkward because I just want to say "Gamma Burst", but that is entirely my problem, not your Warframe concept.


Aside, good job overall!

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@Aver / @Angelus_de_Mortiel:

-SYSTEM SHUTDOWN: powers down electronic devices and corpus for a short time

-i'll think about a better name for TOXIC CHARGE

-GAMMA OUTBURST: pulse of radiation that deals damage over time to people that got hit by it (JUST LIKE MIASMA)

BETA DECAY: the skill cloud follows the frame as it moves, just like Ember's fireblast

>>thanks for the critique


@imaru12: yes the parts rotate on themselves and open when proper skill is used


-thank you all fro the critiques :)).. waiting for more.. i'll try to make this frame better with all your help

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Hallo all...


Hmmm first off as it has been said many times by other members i'll say it again... the concept art is wonderful. Next, inters of the updated skills no problems with em but for "Critical Mass" feel like its cut short in making its activation just, slamming the rods together. Instead why not:


1. Make the rods produced from her lower back different to the one produced from her upper back (lower back - For Injection | Upper back - For Critical Mass)


2. the sequence of crit mass would be slamming the rod together, then, driving them into the ground.


Also to give the frame a more dynamic skill base with respect to "Critical Mass" the driving of the fused rods into the ground acts as a "Force Fusion" resulting in the "Critical Mass" effect, can be affected by the surrounding area and/or material the rods are driven into such as ice, metal, earth, water etc. 


In addition to the above idea the radioactive signature off each frame (Phourous only due to radioactive abilities/powers) can be different with the invention and implementation of a new transmuting system where materials gathered around the star map can be melded in to an equitable item which will cause the change in radioactive signature (note* Materials to be chained must be of same or close origin (info on all warframe material may have to be update (tedious, yes but its an idea... right?) )

The signature change coupled with the area the skill is used would bring about varying damage levels, effects and/or spread<-- (size of AoE)


also pitched the idea of having Critical Mass leave a lingering effect in the area used for a short while which would cause RAD effect and damage depending on where the enemies pass (Epicenter - Longest effect time and most damage, Mid-Range - Moderate effect time and damage, Out skirts - Lowest effect time and least damage) to Mun earlier but...he said it would be too over powered... posted for your opinions.


Let the critique begin!!!... again...



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