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Saryn Head/shoulders Major Clipping


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Yeah, it's a problem. However, I've only noticed it while inside our ship. To be fair, all the frames get this exorcist style neck while they are inside the ship. So they all get weird in one way or another.


I'm guessing this is what you mean:


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Okay... fairly big design flaw here. No matter which helmet I choose half of Saryn's face disappears into her enormous shoulders whenever she turns her head.

Is this what you mean?




With a bow equipped, her helmet is in her shoulder parts.

This isn't exclusive to the ship, however. Here's a screenshot from my clan's Dojo:




I also found this image on the Warframe Wiki and it clearly shows that the head is not blocked by her shoulder things:





Here's another example of what it should look like from (PS4)SancticuS:



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