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Need Help!



I stopped playing warframe for a while, I hop on yesterday to see whats new, heres my inconvenient adventure. I download the updates for warframe, I press play>screen goes white> then black> game minimizes its self> I open the game back up to see the screen black but hear everything just fine. Anyone know what is going on?!?


Yesterday note: I verified game cache, de fragged it neither of those worked. I re installed the game, it worked.


Today note: Same thing happens to me as yesterday but now verifying the game cache, de fragging, and re installing did not work.

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Assuming pc, since you said minimize:


if reinstall worked but only briefly, don't panic (yet) but that *could* indicate a hard drive problem.  You should immediately back up your drive with your normal backup routine and follow that by checking your disk.


It may or may not be the problem, but if your disk is going, better to diagnose it sooner than later....

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Clean Reinstall the latest video drivers. Then configure the game to run at a native resolution on fullscreen mode. For some reason I have had trouble loading the game on windowed mode on my less powerful system, with issues that sound familiar to this.


You may also want to fiddle with the DX settings in the launcher.

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