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Kubrow Timer Reset Bug Possible ?


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Ok...well here it is.....I have a Kubrow that I started on Monday night after the login day bonus. So on Wed around 4:00pm I decided to put the Kubrow in stasis to take a look at another kubrow someone asked me about. So the Login day bonus kicked in (((which I forgot to change back the other kubrow)))...so I switched the kubrow back and rushed of course out of stasis which was maybe 15mins after the Login day bonus. So today I figured the Kubrow would be grown up.....no such luck......Now my question is: If a Kubrow is taken out of stasis before the login bonus.....do you lose a whole 24hr period for it to migrate to an adult ?.....or is this just a bug.


Now the same Kubrow is back sitting in the pod waiting. Now im wondering just to test this theory if I removed him before the login day bonus and place him back after the login day bonus are you being penalized for it and have to wait a whole 24hrs ?


I personally think we should have some type of timer to indicate the growth of the Kubrow.....***NOW...before folks or admins start going OFF because of the question. I have no knowledge of any other topics concerning this......so if someone may enlighten me on a past topic concerning this or future developement knowledge this would be very helpful.


Thanks :)

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