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Unintentional Incubator Platinum Rush During Invite


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Tip for players, leave the Incubator screen before accepting any invites... there is a PS4 UI bug that makes you think you are accepting invites but it actually can accept dialog boxes in the background too!


I was playing this past weekend and I was in the incubator on my ship, I believe on the Genetic Tools tab (the one where you have the option to use a template to get a kubrow imprint). I was in the process of getting an imprint which takes a couple hours, which naturally has the push button (I believe L3) to speed up imprint for 10p. I received a game invite while on this screen. I proceeded to push L3 to switch to the "Accept Player's Invite" Box (which it did properly) but what I didn't realize was it also initiated the "Are you sure you want to rush the imprint?" Box somehow in the background. I then switched to highlight accept on invite (which it clearly did on screen) and proceeded to press X.


However, X did not accept the invite but proceeded to Rush my imprint for 10 platinum, which of course I did not want to do! I think this bug would be VERY easy to replicate and I am sure it has happened to others. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. I am not sure, but I would guess this is a PS4 only bug.



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