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Codex Fan-Art We Need More With A System


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Hey guys,


The codex should have more fan art than it currently does, it would be possible to make sure these get added in the game more often with a system that brings attention to the developers:


A self-submission system where we can go vote other fan art and post our own. On one side you have the recently added things, in the other you have a search box where you can search authors and sort by the category you submitted it to.


The more voted ones then get looked at by DE and if its clean (not copied and user agrees to turn over their work) it gets added in the game and removed from the system on the website to allow for newer art designs to shine in the spotlight.


Maybe everybody gets say 5 votes a day and can't vote on same thing twice, with restrictions such as:

-Can't vote if you are put on post moderation queue

-Can't vote if you have less than 50 posts on the forum (to avoid people making new accounts)

-Account must be certain time old


^just examples


What do you think?

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