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Torid Is Good, But Could Be Better


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As the title says, Torid as it is now is pretty good. I'm glad DE has been taking another look at it. Right now, it's decently strong, can be challenging to use, allows for some variety in modding it, and fills a fairly unique niche among weapons. This is not a thread complaining about Torid being a bad weapon, nor is it simply calling for a buff/nerf.


What I think is that Torid could be a more interesting weapon to use. Numerical tweaks aside, the basic functionality is mostly the same as it was back when Torid looked like a reskin of Ogris. Changes since then have allowed that functionality to shine, but also exposed how limited it is, especially compared to some newer weapons. I think the concept behind Torid is good enough that it begs for increased functionality that could take it from a niche/situational weapon to something that's more all-around fun to use.


Some possibilities:


- Multiple projectiles: as seen on Lephantis' Infested head, Torid could fire multiple projectiles at once in a spread to better cover areas. This could either be added to the plain fire (in which case the damage numbers would likely need to be reduced) or via an ammo-consuming charge fire similar to Angstrum's.


- Projectile detonation: also from Lephantis, Torid projectiles could detonate. This could simply be at the end of their duration, but I think a more interesting option would be to allow them to detonate before their duration is up and deal a percentage of their remaining damage at once. Detonation could be triggered by shooting the projectile, say with a secondary weapon, and could perhaps cause a chain reaction with other Torid projectiles in the blast.


- Status on direct hit: given the gaseous nature of Torid, it could be interesting if hitting an enemy directly with the projectile caused a guaranteed Gas status. This would reward taking a bit of extra risk in trying to hit members of a crowd of enemies instead of merely aiming for the floor in front of them.


- Precision charge shot: a charge trigger that increases the projectile accuracy and flight speed and reduces drop, similar to a bow. This would allow Torid to be useful at longer ranges.


Some of these ideas are incompatible, and I don't propose doing all of them; in fact I think using just one of them would let Torid fulfill its conceptual promise. If anyone has other ideas to change the functionality (and not just the numbers) of Torid, I'd like to hear them too!

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A chargeup function like Angstrum might be fun, although total ammo pool isn't grand.


I think an explosion of sorts would really be the answer. Have it explode and leave the lingering gas, much in the same way Napalms works. It would really solve a lot of issues with functionality if it had an obvious detonation that would damage all enemies within its radius with a DoT of sorts thereafter. Part of the problem with Torid after damage 2.0 was the fact that it no longer proc'd everything by default, where you could easily create fields of your favorite element with additional effects like slow from freeze damage. After the change it did practically nothing because enemies could easily run right through it, taking nearly no damage.

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