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Long Mouse Movements Are Bad


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While the new UI may be pretty and all, some menu placements and new windows have made navigation a pain.


My main pet peeve right now that bugs me immensly is the extractor button down in the right corner and the looooooong swoop over to the far left to deploy an extractor. Rinse and repeat four times.


I wish for the UI team to add things like this into consideration; short movements with the mouse = quicker and easier navigation.


I request more dropdown/popup menues with quick access to the most used features, like for example extractor overview and squad interaction/overview.


Thank you

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Well, I remember times of old games where there was always something like a


"Teleport mouse to buttons"-checkbox


which is ALWAYS and EVER a nice feature to have imho.

Don't forget to

- teleport back to original position when mouse not moved(or maybe no "button leave"-event for those with shaky hands) and click

- use this feature for confirmation popups like "Item successflly added... - 'OK-button'"


Just some random 2 cents...

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