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New Mission Crystar


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with excavation mission i was thinking on something more interesting than collecting power-ups and today i saw that there's need on some thoughts about it. the new mission type is in puzzle-3d-geometry, that users already met when cracking terminals. LEt's say that hacking terminal can be moved in 3d game - in void towers there's a lot of lasers, in missions we can get argon and let's say we can produce crystals with it (or mobs will drop it as with cryotic), placing those crystals in laser-orbs can change laser beam direction, so players will need to point few lasers into some (crystal) point to open a way to new room.

if they fail with direction they'll get a new wave, they can also use orokin decoder to point right way or use some ingame tips to guess polarities.

If they cannot open all rooms they wont get stuff, so there should be 2 exits, this mission type is designed to move out of jump and run style to something else, the more complex geometry they can solve - the higher rate of drop of something.

there's a lot of weapons, maybe some avatar skins or i'd move to spaceship modding and battles, so if all rooms are finished a new spaceship battle mission begins that can involve dojo weaponry and clan battles, so users will get a new mission map as reward for example.

The purpose of spaceship missions can vary, the useful addition of win is to add a new core into ship that will work for all warframes of this player (for example change weapons and A,B,C warframe setups in mission or add more mods for warframe).


Should be crystal, but it changes to more star.

When all rooms enabled this will enable whole tower reactor and if there is a prime warframe in team then he will be able to control that tower, because grineer and corpus starships will come on the signal to destory it.
after space battle survival this tower can be moored to some clan dojo to defend it, but also corpus and grineed begin to attack this dojo while this tower is alive, so that clan will have to defend it or detach that tower and move it into some other quadrant (controlled by alliance for example). While tower is alive spaceship missions will be available for that clan (10 towers for alliance).
Well there's a lot to imagine, but if clan dojo destroyed and tenno-ship too, then he loses all warframes and game begins for him from the start.


All tenno will get an alert when new tower can be accessed, so through 1 tower there can be created a small fleet, with many towers more tenno-ships can join battle, each prime-warframe will be a server for that type of battle and will have to be in tower control room, maybe using some tower weaponry and other ships will need to support tower with loot-drops of energy for reactor from enemy. Also each tower can be reinforced with rare mods. so if it will be blown those mods can be collected and used by other clan or alliance if they'll do that, i remind that they'll need to have active tower also.

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YES, with full towered dojo - clan or alliance can move into another galaxy to explore

or team of 1 tower can jump there and stay while tower will not be destroyed.

and all friends and calnmates can access that galaxy through that tower, defend it first and explore.

with prime gear they will be able to jump in without tower wars, but they will also need active outpost.

so for example only 5 teams can defend tower and first 5 will do, while they do the tower is not active, after defend they can go forward and other teams (+5) will defend, if there is 5 then prime can come through and others goes into +5 (so there will be 10 teams buffer) and others will have to wait. These tower battles can go across regions, so there were more towers to defend and active clan\alliance dojo can be a starting point for all tennos in that galaxy, so they will not start in their ship, but in the dojo, to get some fuel or energy for shields.

also their ships can be attacked while in flight into mission. not of a whole team. but just the 1 and others will be able to choose to help him or continue, if player defends his ship (or maybe solving some puzzle like game first) then he reconnects back to team mission session.

the story of that is about old coordinates stored in old ships

there is a story line that can be different and maybe interesting if not uncovered right here.

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