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Edo Chest Plate Bug


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  • 2 weeks later...

While using the Edo chest plate when channeling it'll have a odd texture in front of it likely a bug, it can be more clearly seen when deploying a Decoy with Loki while having Edo chest plate equipped, it'll have a black texture on it.


Mirage will also have the same bugged texture while using Eclipse.

I think your talking about the hologram animation the Edo Chestplate has, I don't think its a bug but it sure does look weird on Mirage's Ecplise and Loki's Decoy

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Hi Nico, 

Can you grab a screenshot if it happens again? 

Loki Prime (Not Channeling, will happen with any frame using the Edo Chest Plate):




Loki Prime Channeling:





Loki Prime Decoy while using Edo Chest Plate:




Loki Prime Decoy #2:




Mirage with Edo Chest Plate and Eclipse turned off:




Mirage with Edo Chest Plate and Eclipse turned on:




Mirage with Eclipse #2:




This screenshot from Hortonman shows the bug is also on PC and most likely Xbox One:




A thing I have noticed is that everyone who showed the bug is using the Pyra Syandana, I will try the Edo Chest Plate without it and see what happens.

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