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Glaive/kestrel Throw Damage And Slide/spin Damage


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Ok, this is something that has been on my mind for a while, as everyone knows: the fun of using the Glaive/Kestrel is the fact that it can be thrown at enemies, these weapons are unique compared to others that you need to get close to actually be effective.


What bothers me is the Throw Damage and the Slide Damage.



Slide Damage: 175

Throw Damage: 105



Slide Damage: 125

Throw Damage: 75


Now, it doesnt seem much, but when I look at the numbers after I put all necessary mods for a throwing build, I come up with this:




Slide Damage: 2256.8

Throw Damage: 1354.1


I dont have the Kestrel, but I'm sure it suffers from the same thing.


I would like that the Spin Damage and the Throw Damage of the Glaive/Kestrel to be swaped. It would emphasize the special use of these weapons.

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