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A Few Bugs With U14


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In addition to the no ranking up allowed bug, which I am an unfortunate recipient, there are a couple of other bugs/glitches I've noticed.

Numerous times I've been running along behind someone as they go through a doorway. As I cross the threshold, the door comes down, knocking me off map. While it really is more of an inconvenience than anything, any passive powers must be turned back on ie: Rhino, Nova or Zephyr.

The last one I came across was during a Kappa mission. I was running along when the G3 showed up finally after months of trying to get their attention. We quickly dispatched them and low and behold, I finally got the last 2 parts for the Brakk. We get to the terminal and are unable to upload the data. We tried both terminals. Tried dropping the package and someone else start the download. Nothing worked and all enemies had disappeared. We were forced to abort mission and lost everything. I guess the Brakk will have to wait for another day.

These are just some things I noticed that I thought you may wish to know about.

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