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Hello I am Tenno Sanpagita Kai. I started about a week ago. I've been dying to play this game for over a year  but i had to wait while i built my own computer and as we all know being an adult makes for financial strain sometimes so it was placed ont he back burner until about a week ago. =3.  I am currently running Valkyr[ my Goin Ham in the Mix frame], next im building Nova[my ranged Going Ham AWAY from the mix frame], and last i will have Trinity[so my friends can go be in the mix and not die.] I Like doing Survival missions because they are tons of fun but, I also do Vault runs i've recently learned about them and learned thats how im to get the mods im looking for as well as get some parts to sell for plat. I am a member of my best friends clan Yamabishi we're considered ghost  right now i think its called. We aim to become an Elite Merc Tenno Clan whom other clans will pay to side with we havent figured out the logistics of it all so for now we play when we can and have fun while doing so. I also help new people with missions while also explaining the game to them a bit better than the tutorial. Look me up online and lets play. Payment in plat or creds and your target will be dead. >=]

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