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Mission Complete But I Can't Leave


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Hi, recently I've been having a problem with finishing missions. I'll complete a mission and it will display the Mission Complete window where it shows how much xp I got and what I picked up, etc. etc. But it will stay at this window and I won't leave the mission. The mission has ended and I'm stuck staring at the Mission complete window until I Alt+tab from the game and close it through task manager. Upon logging back in, I'll look through my inventory/arsenal and I won't have anything from the mission as if I never did it at all (no xp, no mods, no resources).


This has already happened twice to me, yesterday (Kadesh, Mars) and today (Gefion, Ceres). Getting really frustrated trying to level up my gear/farm beacons so I can hopefully get Hydroid but having this **** happen.


Edit/Update: Was sitting at the Mission complete screen for a while (10 minutes+) and decided to restart warframe, checked my inventory and I DID get all the rewards from the mission (Gefion, Ceres). Maybe the bug was fixed in the latest hotfix, because the same thing happened yesterday but I didn't get anything.

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