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Quest Thoughts And Infestation Outbreak Ideas


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Was playing a survival with a guy named 1Linux and we both agreed that the new quest system could be great. I personally enjoyed the Mirage quests, I liked the nice bit of lore about her final moments.


I noticed that Vor in the T4 missions (and possibly the new tutorial sequence that was added, I can't remember) liked to call Lotus stuff like a false prophet I think it was. I was thinking that it would be cool that some time down the line there would be a big event. Vor reveals some of Lotus' dark secrets or something and the Tenno can decide whether to side with Vor or Lotus. Of course there'd be conflict between these two factions, and hopefully some quests to go along with the story of it. Maybe some optional story based PvP or something to add to the conflict.


I also noticed that there was a lot infestation outbreaks lately and thought, it'd be nice if there was something more to it rather than plain old killing them for some credits or other rewards. What if there was a timer, say 12 hours or something like that, and if the Tenno didn't help remove the infestation within that time they would take over the node and slowly spread through the planet or something. After about 24 hours of that happening, the Corpus or Grineer who previously controlled the node would launch a counter attack to retake the node for themselves. At the same time the opposing faction could attack the planet at the same time.


An example to make it clearer, infestation take over a Corpus node. The Corpus launch a counter attack, with the help of the Tenno of course, and then the Grineer launch a small invasion on another node on that planet. Just something to add a little more to the plain old infestation invasions.


Been nice to vent my ideas out before I forgot them, and thanks for reading them. If this is in the wrong section I'll apologise now, I think the fan concepts place was the right one but I could be wrong haha. Thanks again for reading! Also, if any of this is already posted, sorry for saying it again!

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