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Help A Bambi Choose A Path



So, being a new player and after learning all the basics, ive hit a wall; choosing my first (built) frame. Im using Volt, and i love the tankiness of him and his Overload ability wich is like a panic button, but my end game goal is Loki (after some research). I currently have a Seer, Paris and Orthos in the forge and will be done in 10hrs. I can build any frame up to Saturn because any planet after that is too much for my noobness. Any recomendations? Also i have 2/3 blueprints for Oberon but its too random for him to be a choice, the helmet is hard to get from what ive heard. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Honestly, I would just stick with Volt. It may be a bit boring, but he's one of the best frames in the game. His 1 and 4 are both useful stun skills, his 2 can give a sizable boost to melee DPS, and his 3 remains useful no matter what level of enemies you're fighting.


Snake also has some solid recommendations. Valkyr is pretty fun.

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Rhino is extremely well geared to helping learning players expand and master the galaxy.  Just dont get stuck on him.  Try other frames out, you will likely find some more fun/entertaining.


As others have said, Valkyr is very tanky.  If you can obtain a life-strike mod, she can go anywhere and tank almost anything.  

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I consider Valkyr a bit advanced. Her builds are specific and she likes sustain, which is also mod-specific and intensive.


I recommend Rhino. He's a versatile frame with good base numbers. Whatever mods you have, you'll be able to help your Rhino and if you have very few mods he's still a step up in tankiness and utility. Roar is something I think a lot of high rank Rhino players throw away, but when your weapons aren't covered in OP mods it can be really awesome to Roar and then mow down a big crowd or pwn an Eximus or beat down a bunch of infested.

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If you want maximum tankiness then go with Valkyr, though she sorta requires Rage and Steel Fiber to be effective.


If you like tankiness, Valkyr and Rhino might be what you'll like.

never valkyr valkyr never for beginner

u would need a good decent knowledge about mods to mod valkyr 



for starters RHINO seriously everyone should have a rhino (everyone has a rhino) and rhino on venus fossa 

oberon if u can and seriously is so good now

then nekros 


seriously nekros is the key to successful warframe  

nekros free pass to high missions

and people are so focused on desecrate that they forget his other skills 

good in every aura cooleest frame and the best for farming anything but untill you get fleeting expertise stick with rhino


for wep get paris prime

wep mastery rank 2

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Volt's a really good frame for everything before bonkers level towers. 


Honestly building up a variety of mods that allow for a variety of build and playstyles is more important than the second frame. Volt's a great frame for collecting those. With that said, I'd look hard at a Rhino. Rhino also does well with basic mods, does well throughout the game, and there are times when being able to go head to head with a mission is the best way to get to Mission Complete. 

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have learned a fair bit about mods, and im leaning towards valkyr over rhino as i want something more than a bullet sponge. What mods should i be working on for a decent valkyr build?

Rage and a max Steel Fiber are essential. Life Strike on your melee weapon is also really good. Don't put on Redirection or anything related to shields (except for maybe Vigor).

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Rhino: The Universal Albeit Boring Do Anything Anywhere

Frost: Forgiving Battle Mage

Saryn: Forgiving Battle Melter


As mentioned for Valkyr, you need Rage, Steel Fiber, Vitality, and a way to gain life (I prefer Life Strike on the weapon), Steel Charge Aura (or Rejuv). You will spend more time in melee than guns (at least I end up, since I dont like Hysteria). 

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I hope you have upgraded all your volt spells or at least the ones you use on him.
Valkyr is most tanky, but it takes time to get needed mods and maxed vitality and steelfiber, so imo she is bad for starters. Also she needs good melee weapon.
It does not matter even if u are in first planet because people always can taxi you the frame, or planet and you do nodes to boss.

I recommend checking every frame and their ability from wiki. 
Healers are oberon and trinity, not much choises. Trinity got single target nuke and oberon aoe nuke, but oberon damage out put won't last forever.

If you get rhino you get easier nightmare runs and vault runs. (bleeding and decaying dragon keys)

lazy people play rhino as bullet sponge.

Don't take valkyr because loki will be your melee god, you don't need many melee frames. Try to take most different frames from loki. Damage, heal, dmg buffers.

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