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Rate My Oberon Build!



I'm trying to make a build for Oberon that will be good for rushing, so I'm mainly focusing on his ult, and spamming it like crazy.


Here's the build: http://goo.gl/0fgMKZ


The build will also allow me to mod for other kinds of builds, so I'm planning to keep the polarities as is. What do you guys think? Will this build be good for rushing Alerts and Invasions quickly?

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Rage doesn't work while Renewal is active, so I've been using it mostly for the instant heal and then immediately toggling it off. So I would swap Continuity for BR R2 and cap FE and Streamline, giving you 21% more instant heal on Renew and damage to Reckoning.


Edit: http://goo.gl/KbdHFk


Eventually you'll want to go to 3 forma to swap the aura out for CP/ES.

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