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Many Colors In The Kubrow Rainbow...


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Pick any shade, from brown to yellow...


But seriously, the Kubrow modifications on the market are a good start. But I'd like to see more colors added in the near future. What we have currently are either too dark, or too desaturated to work very well together. Now that we have 5 shades of gray to black, can we get some nicely saturated colors?

Kubrows probably don't need the panoply of colors available for Warframes, but certainly more than they have.


Also: Doggy. Battle. Armor.

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Yes, Hot Pink please. I want my Barbie Dream Kubrow. That's not a joke.


I also require a body modification that turns my kubrow into either a Pug, English Bulldog, or French Bulldog. You do that, and I promise I will purchase every Prime Access you come out with for all eternity.

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