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X-Splotch And Tiger Kubrows For Sale

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Hi all!


I'm auctioning two kubrows this time:


Bigus Digus: Sahasa male, Medium height, Athletic build, X-Splotch head, leg stripes ("Domino pattern")


Default colours: Blue/grey stripes (next to Valkyr brown coloring the default is almost blue but not as clear the usual blue), brown back (same as credit purchasable brown) and yellow muzzle.


Starting bid: 50pl, 10pl increments, B/O: 150pl - price is for both imprints at once





Comrade Laika: Sunika male, Tall, Athletic build, Tiger stripes


Default colurs: Green back, Black stripes and grey belly






*no other pics as I iced the kubrow before remembering to take pictures*


Closing the auction on Sunday noon CET time zone unless buyout is offered. I'll be in game tonight for some time, maybe tomorrow morning, after that I'm attending a wedding so most likely you'll talk to a hungover me on Sunday.


Hope you like the doges :)

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