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Game Doesn't Respond After Launcher


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Recently on my computer i got a problem after reinstalling warframe after a while. I open up the launcher, install all updates, and when i click play, the games window pops up but its completely white and not responding. I wait around 5-10 mins, still nothing happened.


This is really annoying cause i installed the same game on my worse laptop and it works fine.


I have been having this problem with a few other games on steam, when ever i launch them, they seem to take a long time to open up. Some open up to the menu, but freeze again when i decide to join a server.


I have not received help anywhere i posted for it, so any leads would be appreciated. I tried both steam and non steam warframe and both do the same thing.


I reinstalled multiple times, verified, ran as admin and just nothing.


Please, any help would be appreciated.





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Glad I'm not the only one this happens to. I'm only a recently signed up player for this game, so I couldn't possibly say if this bug was introduced in a recent patch or has been around for a while.

The way this bug works for me is that the game freezes only the first time in any session, meaning I don't have a repeat of it when closing and restarting the game later. Only after my computer is rebooted, I get the unresponsive white window a lot for the first time.

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