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      Manufacturing Requirements 

Resource                        Quantity

Argon Crystal                  5

Control Module               20

Forma                             1

Gallium                           10

Morphics                         1

Neural Sensors               6

Orokin Cell                      10

Credits                            100,000

Build Time                       76 hours

Rush Build                      50 platnium


market price 100 platnium


BP receivable from:


t4 void missions





the lamna would increase the slots on a weapon, warframe or pet by 1 slot, the lamna slot would not include a polarity (but would be polarizable). only 1 slot, you can't uses another lamna on the same weapon etc to give it another extra slot. the weapon etc would be set back to unranked like when forma is used but you would also have to pick a slot with a polarity on it and this slot would loss its polarity.



the name lamna is latin for shred, like forma is latin for shape. this is saying how forma lets us shape our frams but lamna lets us push the limit

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Not bad at all, surprisingly by the high manufacture cost and limit this is quite balanced



i didnt want it to be easy to get, like the reactors and catalysts, i wanted it to be a rare thing for a player to have but i didnt want to make it to rare


Id like to see more slots but this idea im benched for


Will be reading replies to see what others think

i'm after feedback, this is just a simple consept


Moved to the right section.

thank you, wasnt sure where it should go, dont know my whole way around the forum yet


I take it this extra slot goes in the same place as an aura/stance slot?


This isn't too bad, probably one of the most balanced "extra slot" ideas I've seen, though I'm not sure I've ever seen a Foundry item require more than four resources.

yea, i was thing the aura slot would move up, kinda lining up with the top row of slots and the new slot would add onto the bottom row


yea i wanted it to be more balanced so de would consider it more since the normal posts wanting this make it to easy to have. myself i think it shouldnt be easy to have an extra slot

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