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Two Ui Issues


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Firstly, I want to know why there is no info on a mission listed anywhere in the UI anymore.


The in-mission escape menu was redone, and now, you no longer are told anywhere what kind of mission it is, or where you're at.


If you've been dragged along someplace by your squad while you were in the arsenal modding stuff, you have NO idea what you're doing, besides following the waypoint.


It really shouldn't be too much trouble to include somewhere, at least in the mission statistics part, where you are and what, exactly, you think you're doing there(excavation, rescue...). Sometimes the lotus chimes in with something helpful. Sometimes she makes dour, vague predictions, or yells at the newbies to get out of the fire already, Kind of a crapshoot.


Secondly, about that being dragged along thing: If you're, say, in the mod menu, and someone starts up a mission and hits the timer, you get almost no warning(the timer starts in the upper left corner, but that's all you get), and if you're lucky enough to notice the timer has suddenly appeared and is counting down, you now have to spam escape madly(escape to leave the mod menu, escape again(time #2) to leave the upgrade menu,  escape AGAIN(time #3) to leave the arsenal, escape AGAIN!(time #4) to open the escape menu, make sure you don't hit escape a 5th time(you'll exit the escape menu!) so you can hurry up and click the upper left corner and select "leave squad" or "decline mission" ASAP, before you're dragged off to a mission you don't want. Again, sometimes it works, sometimes you end up getting shot in the head by captain vor. Not exactly "reliable".


This needs to be seriously rethought.

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